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 Jaron Lanierの「Jaron's World: Sex, Drugs, and the Internet──Does anonymity breed nastiness in the online world?」というエントリーが話題になっています。


Anonymity certainly has a place, but that place needs to be designed carefully.
anonymous groups of people should be given only specific questions to answer, questions no more complicated than voting yes or no or setting a price for a product. To have a substantial exchange, you need to be fully present. That is why facing one’s accuser is a fundamental right of the accused.

 匿名による情報発信が許される場所を提供する場合は、注意深く設計されなければならない。それは、O'reillyが先頃発表した「Blogger's Code of Conduct」の草案の

We take responsibility for our own words and for the comments we allow on our blog.
it seems to me that we need to eschew the idea that we bear no responsibility for the tone that we allow on our site. A site owner does have the ability to delete inappropriate comments, to ban IP addresses, and to impose moderation systems or shut down comments entirely if the greifers get out of hand.

« 「Yuki」は女性名? | Accueil | インターネットカフェ等における匿名性その他の問題 »


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« 「Yuki」は女性名? | Accueil | インターネットカフェ等における匿名性その他の問題 »

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